The pandemic is changing the way we live our daily lives in the most profound ways we can imagine. Millions have lost their jobs while thousands of people have lost their loved ones. Businesses across the world are now in a complete stop, as well as schools, where millions of students receive their education and get their foods. The virus has impacted the rich and the poor alike, without exception.

The virus is spreading like wildfire across the world, but at Mother Trucker & co., we believe kindness is even more contagious. When everything is uncertain, spreading your love to everyone is certainly the right thing to do. Kindness from our hearts can push away the negative news and spread the love to all the people who need it. 

In this time of crisis, profit is no longer our goal. Helping our community to overcome this disaster is now our main concern. And with this mission in our minds, we will continue to use our best effort to inspire more people to spread more kindness, to keep our hopes up about tomorrow, and to have some laughs in the face of hardship. 

Many schools across the country have closed, thus forcing countless kids to stay at home and desperate for aid. Their parents can now barely keep their children fed due to job disruptions. The most vulnerable people in our communities need us now more than ever. 

(Photo: Feeding America)

Thanks to Ryan Reynolds, Feeding America - the nation’s largest hunger-relief organization came to our attention, and we found that their mission fits perfectly with what Mother Trucker & co. goal. Therefore, we decided to donate $5,000 to our local Feeding America in Riverside | San Bernardino

We know that our #MOMSQUAD is always eager to help their communities but may not know where to begin. Mother Trucker & co. would like to be the bridge to help you reach out to as many people as possible. For every hat you support us, we will donate $5 to this organization, which means up to 50 meals are served to the hungry families. Your act of kindness will help so many children go to bed with full bellies

Your support means a lot to us, to our employees and suppliers. But your support means the world to many people in America. You will be surprised how your support can change the world. Because KINDNESS is Mother Truckin’ contagious.

Our campaign to help feed America will start on March 30th and will continue to June 30th, 2020. Please join us to keep American’s families well and healthy in this tumultuous time. 

With the coronavirus forcing businesses across America to close down, many people have lost their jobs. Some jobs may never come back and the economy might not recover in some time. Although it is hard, at Mother Trucker & co., we are doing our best to support local businesses and our staff to continue to have the income to support their families. Fortunately, our business model can function with our staff and our suppliers working from home. So moms, your support of our brand is very important to all of us, especially in this time of crisis. 

We were working on the Summer 2020 collection but somehow ended up launching the Quarantine 2020 collection. We were shocked by how quickly the coronavirus has affected our health, our economy, and our daily lives. For a moment, we also thought that this might be the end of our business. However, we recognized that being sad does not solve anything, so we decided to be positive instead. 

We understand you are also having a hard time. Quarantine isn’t easy. Spring is coming and yet we must lock ourselves at home. We hate to stay indoors as much as you do. Children are itching to go back to school, to see their friends and play some sports outside in this fine weather.

Mother Trucker & co. is coming up with many unique slogans on our hats that can give a good laugh in this tedious and dreadful time. And you know what they say about laughs. Laughter is the best medicine. It might not be the cure to this virus, but until we get the cure, this might be the best thing we have right now. Stay positive. This too shall pass. 

Don’t forget to bookmark this. There are many more acts of kindness coming soon. 

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