The Perfect 4th of July Weekend

No parade, no fireworks? NO PROBLEM. We are optimistic that our #MOMSQUAD will find an alternative to celebrate the nation’s independence and our freedoms. At Mothertruckerco, we are so happy to share with you all the things we love about #AMERICA 💙❤️

There is also a no better time to share with you some of the activities we have done to help the community that we love.

We have donated 250 masks to The El Paso Police Department Central Regional Command who come in contact every day with different people. It's our pleasure to provide our cloth face masks to protect them as well as keep the community safe. Staying healthy allows them to continue serving the community. The Rescue Mission of El Paso has been supporting people during this time by sheltering families along with meals to any homeless person in need. These masks protect those staying at the shelter, but mainly to the employees who are needed to continue providing them with their services.


Connections For Life provides direct support for those with an intellectual or physical disability through their Supported Living Services, Independent Living Services, and Mobility Connections programs. “With the generous mask donation from Mother Trucker Co., Connections For Life was able to provide face masks to all of our employees and the people we support, while helping protect the most vulnerable to remain safe and healthy and maintain some semblance of routine in their daily lives. Through the face mask donation from Mother Trucker & co. and our amazing dedicated Direct Support Professionals, we have been able to successfully maintain the health and safety of the people we support to continue to live independently in the community.” - Samantha Wilhite, Operations Manager. 


We donated 250 face masks to physicians, nurses, and patients of Providence Medical Group Orenco based in Oregon. This primary care clinic provides patient-center healthcare with a total-health perspective. Certified Medical Assistant Veronica Acosta-Cazares, RMA said, “Serving on the frontline of this pandemic, WE at Providence Medical Group Orenco strive to provide the best care and education possible to our patients. Helping ease their fear and panic during these difficult times has been very rewarding. Having a company like Mother Trucker & co., who has supported so many frontline workers to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, has been a blessing. Thank you Mother Trucker & o., for your generous face cover donations.” 


A huge thanks to Country Villa South Nursing Center which is a senior living provider in Los Angeles, California that offers residents Nursing Homes. At Country Villa South they have been working hard to take care of Covid-19 patients 🙏💗 It's our pleasure to provide 150 masks to keep their staff and the patients safe during the health crisis. 


Mother Trucker donated 350 face masks to the physicians, nurses, and patients of the Radiation Oncology Department of Phoebe Cancer Center in Albany, Georgia. 🙏💗 With their team of experts committed to treatment and recovery, Phoebe supports cancer patients and their families.


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