Mother Trucker's Response to COVID-19

Our concerns for the most vulnerable

There are women, low-income families, and immigrant workers in frontline industries
and insecure environments with high exposure to COVID-19. Companies are cutting
down on their human resources and unemployment increases as the pandemic

A majority of service workers are women, and they are on the frontline of infection risk. Their shoulders also carry the burden of unpaid care which is bound to increase dramatically, whether it is caring for sick relatives or looking after children at home as schools are closed for the foreseeable future.

How is Mother Trucker responding to COVID-19? 

Mother Trucker is working with international and local organizations to protect the health and safety of Americans. In less than one month, together we have donated nearly 56,000 meals to Feeding America, who are continuously on the frontlines coordinating emergency food distributions. They have worked tirelessly to deliver food to our most vulnerable neighbors and ensure that over 250 community pantries and soup kitchens have food for their communities.

Non-Medical Face Mask Donation Request

Do you work at or know of an organization in need of non-medical face masks that staffs front-line workers in the medical, public safety, food, etc. sector?

Mother Trucker & Co. is donating 10,000 high-quality, reusable and washable non-medical fabric face masks to the staff and clients of organizations in need.

Please recommend an organization here.


The #SpreadLove campaign began with the purpose of reminding everyone to spread kindness and positivity in spite of the gloomy reality. And our #MomSquad has shown us that we are living in such a beautiful and kind world. To everyone who’s donated time, money, and shared our cause, YOU ARE AMAZING!